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Do you get the feeling you are being pressured into marriage?

Man proposing at gun point
You’ve been with your girl for a few years now, you might even have one or two kids with her.

Now that’s real commitment right? You’ve got kids together, you live together, you LOVE each other!

What more can she need?  This is what she wants!...
She wants that fucking ring on that finger and there’s no getting round it.

Her parents and her ‘already married’ friends are always asking her… ‘so then do you think you two will get married or what?'  And then...

Royal weddingYou turn the TV on and there’s nothing but extra pressure coming from the TV!

You turn the radio on and you get no help there either! …With Beyonce's 'Wuh uh oh you should have put a ring on it' bullshit.

Facebook Marriage
Then there's Twitter and Facebook, you know she wants this the most!

You can fight it for so long, we know the excuses (and here are the best ones just incase you need them);
  • Babes as soon as I have enough money to give you the wedding that you deserve we’ll start planning it but money is tight at the moment 
  • We don’t need a piece of paper to show we love each other, we're stronger than that. 
  • Most marriages end in divorce so lets not ruin what we have 
  • I wanna do a surprise proposal but when you keep mentioning it it just delays me doing it!

Players club card
If you have used all of them up then I’m afraid it’s time to hand that card in and just accept it.

Why do the man dem fight the wedding ring so hard?

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